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Paper Roll Supplier

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Afia Imports & Exports is a major stockist and distributor of paper products head quartered in Singapore with branches in  Malaysia & Brunei for the retail merchants and Exports. Our paper rolls are purchased from Japan and Korean origin  with high quality and  competitive price to meet customers all types of requirements. Our range of paper products include POS Thermal Roll, Cash Register Roll, Bar Code Sticker Labels and Thermal Printer Ribbon for all model printers.


Thermal Paper rolls are been used in various industries

Retail & Consumables - Money changers, Supermarkets, Grocery Stores

Food & Beverages - Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

Banks - ATM & Q ticket Receipt

Logistics - Bar Code Label and Price Sticker

Manufacturing Sector - Industrial Printers

Hospitals & Clinics - Ultrasound & ECG Machines

Leisure & Entertainment - Cinema and Entrance tickets  

We also produce customized size as per customers requirement and we have solution for all your printing requirement.